We are trading in - Urea Nitrogen

UREA FERTILIZER 46% N GOST 2081-92 PRILLED Urea (PRILLED) GOST 2081-92 NITROGEN : 46.0% MIN (ON DRY BASIS) MOISTURE: 0.5% MAX BIURET %AGE BY WEIGHT: 1.0% MAX PARTICLE SIZE – (i) Material Passing thro ugh 2.8mm IS Sieve (Tyler Sieve 7) and retained on 1mm IS Sieve (Tyler Sieve 16) by weight i) To pass through 1mm IS Sieve by weight : 90% MIN,5% MAX MELTING POINT: 132 Degrees Celsius COLOUR: Pure white RADIATION: NON-Radioactive. FREE FLOWING: 100% Treated against caking, free from harmf ul substances. PHYSICAL: PRILLED, free from harmf ul substances, impurities & dust. FREE AMMONIA: 160 PXT, PPM. MAX.

10 PPM Diesel

| Total nitrogen: 46.2% min.
| Humidity: 0.3% max.
| Biuret: 1% max.
| Allowed production class: 0.85-2 mm/2-4 mm.
| Formaldehyde: 0.35 – 0.55% min.
| Free Ammonia: 50 ppm.
| Resistance to fragmentation: 3 kg for granule with a diameter of 3.15 mm.
| Temperature: Max 50 min 5
| Density: 760 to 800 kg / m3
| Appearance: white Granules.
-Get your shipment from our factory DIRECTLY.
-We ship Urea 46%N either in Bulk loose in shipload OR FIBC 1Mt OR 50 kg bag package of woven polymeric laminated, polyethylene bags.
-Two years validity in optimal storing conditions.
-ETD 8000 Mt=10 days, prices vary according to packing terms