We are trading in - 95 98 Gasoline

Fuels such as 95 or 98 RON (octane rating number) have a higher resistance to burn which indicates higher levels of energy available for the vehicle’s engine.

According to NRMA motoring expert Jack Haley, on average 95 RON can give around 4 per cent lower fuel consumption than 91, assuming the engine computer adjusts to take advantage of the octane difference.

Using 98 might give 3 per cent reduction over 95, again assuming the computer adjusts the engine parameters.


But fuelling an engine with 95 or 98 won’t necessarily open the door to earth shattering performance or extreme levels of fuel economy if the engine is not specifically designed to run on it.

Premium grade fuels simply optimize an engine’s ability to make power through increased fuel density that offer a more controlled burn, reducing engine ping (detonation) and resulting in a smoother delivery of power.

These fuels also contain detergents and boosters which keep components such as valves, pistons and combustion components free of surface varnishes and carbon build-up, which may assist in promoting a longer service life.